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Proposal #19


  • TitleParameter Changes for Mint Module
  • Description

    # Abstract

    In response to the success of reaching and surpassing our initial target staking ratio of 30%, and in anticipation of the ongoing development of the Cronos POS chain - To ensure a reasonable and competitive incentive for staking delegation, thereby enhancing the network's security, we propose updating the following network parameters as follows:

    - goal_bonded from 0.3 to: 0.60

    - inflation_max from 0.025 to: 0.037

    - Inflation_rate_change from 0.006 to: 0.1

    These proposed changes are intended to create a more substantial incentive for delegators to stake and demonstrate their commitment to the network. Along with an objective to encourage a higher staking ratio, contributing to a more secure network.

    # Technical details

    Please kindly visit the [initial proposal](https://github.com/crypto-org-chain/chain-main/discussions/1027) for technical details, analysis and discussions.

    # Governance Votes

    The following items summarize the voting options and what it means for this proposal.

    YES: You approve of the proposal on the changes to the proposed changes to the parameters to create more substantial incentive for delegators to stake, along with an objective to encourage a higher staking ratio, contributing to a more secure network.

    NO: You disapprove of the proposal in its current form. Feel free to give feedback and suggestions on how to improve the proposal.

    NO (VETO): You veto the entire motivation for the proposal, and are strongly opposed to its implementation.

    ABSTAIN: You are impartial to the outcome of the proposal. If the quorum is not met or less than 1/3 of participating voting power has voted No, the proposal fails and is considered to be vetoed. In this case, the proposal deposit is burned rather than being returned to respective depositors.

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    23 Jan 2024 07:20:53 GMT
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    23 Jan 2024 08:00:26 GMT
  • Voting End Time
    06 Feb 2024 08:00:26 GMT

  • Abstain
    82,759,530.97442619 CRO
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    24,496,633.67122589 CRO
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    6,145.95502074 CRO
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