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Proposal #17


  • TitleFix IBC transfers between Crypto.org and Kujira
  • Description

    This proposal will update expired client 07-tendermint-1132 according to active client 07-tendermint-1195.

    This will re-activate IBC channel between Kujira (channel-6) and crypto-orgc-chain (channel-56).

    ## Description

    Crypto.orgIBC channel is currently in a frozen state and needs to be re-activated.

    Similar re-activations have been performed on other Cosmos SDK based chains successfully.

    ## Proposal goal

    This proposal willenablethe unfreezing process of the IBC channel between Kujira and Crypto.org, thus allowing deposits and withdrawals of $CRO on the Kujira platform.

    - By voting YES, CRO stakers voice their support in unfreezing the IBC channelbetween Kujira and Crypto.org

    - By voting NO, CRO stakers voice their dissent in unfreezing the IBC channel between Kujira and Crypto.org.

    This proposal has no effect beside enabling back the IBC connection between the twochains.

    ## Details

    The IBC client refresh between Kujira and the Crypto.org chains was missed due to hard disk failure on the only relayer on this channel.

    Without refresh the IBC connection froze on the currently usedchannel (56-6). Thus no IBC transfers can be made using this channel unless this governance proposal is voted YES by CRO stakers. Currently there is a bit more than 4,5k CRO stuck on Kujira side.

    The process to enable IBCtransfers back require to substitute the current IBC client by a new one with identical configuration, but in active state.

    Kujira is a Layer 1 DeFi protocol that aims to create affordable and easy-to-use DeFi investment toolsthrough four DApps: FIN, ORCA, BLUE, and Finder, each with a specific user functionality.

    homepage: https://kujira.app/

    This proposal has already been tested with success between the Kujira testnet and Croeseid with thesupervision of Crypto.org.


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    52 CRO
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    29 May 2023 15:18:33 GMT
  • Deposit End Time12 Jun 2023 15:18:33 GMT