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Proposal #11


  • TitleDecrease the minimum deposit amount for governance proposals
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    (This proposal was posted up as CdC felt that setting the minimum deposit to 5,000 CRO as per proposal #10 was too steep of a change and had opted to increase it to a more conservative 10,000 CRO. The minimum deposits can be look into again when the CRO price increases in the future)

    Currently the minimum deposit amount required for raising a governance proposal is 20,000 CRO, which amounts to about US$11.5k at time of writing, or $19.3k if using CRO's all-time-high price.

    The amount needed (in terms of US dollars) is way too high when compared with other Cosmos ecosystem projects. For example:

    Akash = 1000 AKT ~ $2.1k

    Osmosis = 500 OSMO ~ $3.4k

    Cosmos = 64 ATOM ~ $2.3k

    Secret = 100 SCRT ~ $590

    Iris = 1000 IRIS ~ $88

    I would propose reducing the minimum deposit amount required so that the cost of raising a proposal in terms of fiat value will be more in line with other cosmos-based chains.

    I would suggest setting the minimum deposit required to 10,000 CRO which translates to approximately US$4.5k at the time of drafting this proposal. This will allow more shareholders to be able to raise a governance proposal while at the same time, ensuring that the threshold is not set too low to limit spam proposals

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    19 Jan 2022 14:23:53 GMT
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